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Host your own shellcheck

For those of you who don’t know, is a fantastic resource for improving your shell scripts.  When I came across it, I felt that I was a pretty good scripter.  How wrong I was.  Using shellcheck has probably been the single most influential factor on my scripting since the […]

Published – 2012 version

Lovage – Lifeboat Long term readers may recall that back in April 2008, I wrote a letter to the local newspaper and despite my best efforts to put in cheekiness, it was published. I’m not really big on writing letters to the papers, but every so often there’ll be something […]

Section 92a: The Empire Strikes Back

Stereophonics – Have a Nice Day Posted less than an hour ago, keep updated here. While better than the last version, going by the summary it walks and quacks like a three strikes law. It’s been said elsewhere – why are we basing (pun?) laws on baseball? Either way, I […]

How to deal with shin splints

Orbital – Illuminate I’ve been struggling recently with some extremely bad shin splints, and after watching various videos about how to strap your legs to mitigate them, and reading other advice such as Get properly fitted running shoes Adjust your running technique to a mid-strike and/or barefoot running Do some […]

Possible redundancy

Muse – Take a bow I just found out that they’re reducing our team from 3 to 1. Chances are good that I’ll get the position, but just in case I’m now hunting for jobs, dusting off the CV and getting in touch with my recruitment agent. I find out […]

catching up

Islands In The Stream Hi readers, it’s been a while. Apologies again for the lack of posting lately, but my webhosting was maxed out until I was able to move it to this newerer fasterer plan. Plus you haven’t exactly missed much. Let me sum up the last few months: […]