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Neatpatch – a small review

Kutiman-Thru-you – 01 – Mother of All Funk Chords At work we have a 48RU open rack for our patch rack. To those of you who had that fly over your head, it’s where we make phones and network connections happen. Neatpatch promises to sort that out. After some pretty […]

My hooves!

When I’m walking down the street and there’s someone nearby – maybe a few paces behind me – with heels on, going cloppity cloppity, this runs through my head: Is it quite necessary to sound like a horse when walking down the street? You can get good looking non-cloppity shoes […]

Sun Micro(soft)systems == fail

Moby – Alice I was tasked with testing the Sun Calendar Server at work over the last week. I have found it to be very promising on paper, but very lacking in realistic implimentation. Here are my issues with it: 1) It is an absolute prick to download. I have […]

Letter to the editor

Pendulum – Out Here The latest Hutt News pissed me off. Too many people making uninformed opinions, bleating on with generic rhetoric. It pushed me to the point of writing my second ever letter to the editor. Let’s see if it gets published, stay tuned! Dear Editor, Regarding Nuclear Energy: […]

The banning of BZP

Anoushka Shankar & Karsh Kale – Easy (Feat. Norah Jones) I’m not happy again. This time because the government in its wisdom has banned outright BZP.  So you have two weeks to stock up, and a six month amnesty period to use it. Now, I’m not keen on party pills, which is what this legislation is all about, however I am […]

The customer, is in fact, an ass

Kora – The Delivery Man Tamati’s girlfriend relayed a tale of woe to me last night about how she stood up for herself against an abusive and arrogant customer, and now has to write a letter of apology. As she recanted her story, I got increasingly wild at my core […]

The true spirit of Christmas

When it comes to Christmas time, I am usually one of the first to start loathing people who blindly giggle with glee “oh yay, Christmas is coming!” while insisting that it’s ok to play Christmas carols in the workplace on repeat. Trust me, after even half an hour of Christmas […]