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Family reunion in Whangarei

facemeltingukulele – Little Wing acoustic Just got back from an exhausting family reunion in Whangarei. We stayed out at Ruakaka beach. Choice hangi, it was good to catch up with the relatives who did show up (ALL of my first cousins who didn’t: for shame!), and I found out that […]

Would you buy Zimbra from this man?

Audioslave – Your Time Has Come Here’s what I wore for my presentation. Red is an action colour… see, when making a pitch it’s all about the subliminal mindgames. (To any colleagues who were at that conference – *jedi handwave* this isn’t the blogpost you’re looking for. Move along.) The […]

Back to Paris I go

Underworld playing on the Mac Mini loungebox When I get a kiwiana shirt, that means I’m going overseas. Yes, back to Paris with me, and it’s been a whirlwind of emotion this time around, with me swinging from furiousity (is that a word?) to defeated acceptance. I was hoping that […]

Matiu/Somes Island

Tiki – Always On My Mind On Saturday Jim and I went around the harbour to Days Bay, had breakfast and a coffee before jumping on the East By West harbour ferry out to Matiu/Somes Island. After a 10 minute trip on the ferry at a cost of NZD$18.50 for […]

Reflection on the Eurotrip

Dave Dobbyn – Slice Of Heaven Executive Summary: Fred Dagg had it right; We don’t know how lucky we are Well I’ve been back for a week now, thanks to my experience with sleep deprivation over the years I was able to effectively plan ahead and squash that wee issue […]

Allez les bleus

I’m still alive and having a grand time. Here’s a picture of me outside l’Chateau De Versailles, one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been in my life Plenty of pictures to post, not enough time to blog, but suffice to say I’m now in the beautiful city of […]

Bonjour from France!

Bonjour! After some 30 hours of travel I am safe and sound in Paris. Malakoff is amazing and the coffee is strong. Yesterday we figured out the transport system and went to the top of the Eiffel tower, checked out a few of the Palaces, the artificial beach along the […]

Normal Service will resume…

It seems that the upgrade to 2.3 is going to take some time, and unfortunately I’m high up in the google results for this particular problem, so I guess I’ll make an update when I (or somebody else) figure it out. As it stands it appears to be either FreeBSD […]

Rugby, Racing and Beer

The schedule is finally set, I’m going to be in Europe from the 7th of October through to the 26th. One week in Paris (and wherever else), one week in Grenoble, and one week in Diegem. And the rugby world cup final is on the 20th. Unfortunately with all the […]