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Published – 2012 version

Lovage – Lifeboat Long term readers may recall that back in April 2008, I wrote a letter to the local newspaper and despite my best efforts to put in cheekiness, it was published. I’m not really big on writing letters to the papers, but every so often there’ll be something […]

Budgeting for dumbarses

Camille Jones Vs Fedde Le Grand – The Creeps Living paycheque to paycheque is not really a good way to operate. I would have said “hand to mouth” but it sounds too much like “arse to mouth” and “foot and mouth.” Anyway, budgeting is insanely simple, and should be taught […]

FOSS and the Microsoft Stack

Air – Don’t Be Light – Edit I was reading the comments on Dru Lavigne’s article about Kubuntu vs PC-BSD and I’m finding myself getting frustrated. The Linux community needs to stop blithering on about licences ad nauseum. It needs to stop dribbling on about software freedoms. And it needs […]

Password Security

Filter – Take A Picture Here’s the type of documentation that I write. I won’t repeat it here because it’s a lot to chew on, but you can view it here:

Reflection: Working for Telecom NZ

Shapeshifter – Bring Change Today I cancelled my Telecom landline and Xtra DSL. As a Telecom staff member, I had access to a staff benefits scheme called “Telecom4U.” This essentially gives you a number of options of free or heavily subsidised products and services. So, for example, I had a […]

The Project: Summary

The Tragically Hip – Bobcaygeon And so, a brief recap of what went down during The Project (this will be updated as I remember stuff) Thursday * Arrived and relaxed with a couple of beers. Satisfied at my efforts in the interview earlier in the day. * Began moving stuff, […]