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The Pakeha Party

So I’ve come out of blogging retirement for this one. News yesterday is that some guy wants to start-up a Pakeha Party. And, rightly, his motivation was the Mana Party’s bizarre policy to give preferential treatment to Maori for housing loans. Owning a house doesn’t necessarily help people get out […]

Do we hate all ‘Maoris’?

My brother Tamati linked to this article on his Friendface feed. Below is a copy and paste of my response… I may add to it and flick it towards the related discussion on Reddit. He’s an ignorant asshat who is simply regurgitating the rhetoric that’s typical of his generation. Of […]

Dear Apple

Dear Apple Computer, congratulations on the hard work you have put in to producing your greenest mac ever, I bet it was really hard work. However, I must let you know about a few oversights on your part. 1) Outside of North America, in the rest of the civilised world, […]

My hooves!

When I’m walking down the street and there’s someone nearby – maybe a few paces behind me – with heels on, going cloppity cloppity, this runs through my head: Is it quite necessary to sound like a horse when walking down the street? You can get good looking non-cloppity shoes […]

Of The Heavenly Father

Willy DeVille – It’s Too Late She’s Gone I was at a bar with a couple of friends earlier, and myself and one friend were recalling some jesus jokes from an improv comedy we saw last week. A very odd gentleman had strutted into the bar and was not far […]

Letter to the editor

Pendulum – Out Here The latest Hutt News pissed me off. Too many people making uninformed opinions, bleating on with generic rhetoric. It pushed me to the point of writing my second ever letter to the editor. Let’s see if it gets published, stay tuned! Dear Editor, Regarding Nuclear Energy: […]