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The Pakeha Party

So I’ve come out of blogging retirement for this one. News yesterday is that some guy wants to start-up a Pakeha Party. And, rightly, his motivation was the Mana Party’s bizarre policy to give preferential treatment to Maori for housing loans. Owning a house doesn’t necessarily help people get out […]


Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here It’s official, I’ve been made redundant. Fortunately I have 6 weeks payout, plus a month’s leave to be paid out, after that I have income protection insurance, so I’m not overly worried about starving on the streets just yet. It’s very frustrating seeing […]

Possible redundancy

Muse – Take a bow I just found out that they’re reducing our team from 3 to 1. Chances are good that I’ll get the position, but just in case I’m now hunting for jobs, dusting off the CV and getting in touch with my recruitment agent. I find out […]

An unexpected loss

Roy Orbison – Crying My cat Wesley was put down. He looked so peaceful in the box the vets returned him in. My parents house is eerie now, with no Duke and no Weasel playing good pet/bad pet with your bloodpressure. I never thought it would go down like this […]

Being sick

You’ve probably noticed a lack of updates lately, it’s because for the last few weeks I’ve been getting up in the morning, coughing up a lung and then blowing half my brain out of my nose. I’ve been crippled by migraines, shortness of breath, over-productive coughing and the general feeling […]

Being vomitted on is not fun

Concord Dawn – Broken Eyes I’m angry again. Yesterday I attended the funeral service for Alessandra Joy, the baby girl of my friends Brick and Pop, who had passed away after 13 days of fighting some complications. It was a beautiful service, and I’ll never be able to listen to […]