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Is your Linkedin password leaked?

Pink Floyd – Keep Talking News has been spinning around the net that over 6 Million passwords from Linkedin have been leaked. The general advice is to change your password, but what if you want to check that your password is on the list? You should still change your password […]

catching up

Islands In The Stream Hi readers, it’s been a while. Apologies again for the lack of posting lately, but my webhosting was maxed out until I was able to move it to this newerer fasterer plan. Plus you haven’t exactly missed much. Let me sum up the last few months: […]

Neatpatch – a small review

Kutiman-Thru-you – 01 – Mother of All Funk Chords At work we have a 48RU open rack for our patch rack. To those of you who had that fly over your head, it’s where we make phones and network connections happen. Neatpatch promises to sort that out. After some pretty […]

The latest project: Zimbra

Lemon Jelly – Ramblin’ Man I have been quite busy lately working with the Zimbra platform – trying to figure out a path to upgrade our existing infrastructure at work (OpenLDAP, Postfix, Mailman, SquirrelMail, SpamAssassin, Amavis, Mailzu etc) and the more I look at it, learn about it and work […]

Resourcefulness in the Datacentre

Sting & Eric Clapton – It’s Probably Me There are times when working in a server room where there is an equipment need that you simply cannot justify in either a business or common sense way. We recently had a project to move all of our fibre optic based equipment […]