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Lovage – Lifeboat

Long term readers may recall that back in April 2008, I wrote a letter to the local newspaper and despite my best efforts to put in cheekiness, it was published. I’m not really big on writing letters to the papers, but every so often there’ll be something I’m passionate about being discussed, so I’m compelled to put in my 10 cents. Here’s the latest one, again the editor allowed it even though it far exceeded the word count guidelines, this time it was the first letter published, and I’m published alongside Sir Bob Jones!

A letter to the editor regarding the Lower Hutt Cross Valley Link

Click for a larger version (2 Megs)

Also, I was rather pleased by Linux Mint 13’s handling of the scanning of this. I plugged in my scanner expecting to have to fart around installing xsane etc, but nope – I fired up Simple Scanner, my scanner had been detected and a few clicks later I had a 1200dpi master copy.

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