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The Pakeha Party

So I’ve come out of blogging retirement for this one. News yesterday is that some guy wants to start-up a Pakeha Party. And, rightly, his motivation was the Mana Party’s bizarre policy to give preferential treatment to Maori for housing loans. Owning a house doesn’t necessarily help people get out of poverty. What it does do is gives responsibility, and removes all that stressful meddling from Housing NZ. Whether that’s good or bad for Maori and NZ is debatable.

But the Pakeha Party crowd take it a step further. Yes, I understand that the creators of this idea are very likely taking the piss, and in a few days will start saying things like “we wanted to start a discussion that’s overdue in this country”, but they’ve really stirred up quite a crowd – notably mostly Cantabrian – and they’re demanding equal access to everything that Maori get. No matter what it is.

So for all you people clucking your tongues in tune with them: Fine.

You can have the reduced access to healthcare coupled with the increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and around 8 years less life expectancy.

You can have the tail end of decades of institutionalised racism, cultural repression and social neglect which has kept your people over-represented in all manner of statistics such as unemployment, crime rates, living below the poverty line, poor educational outcomes and poor educational participation.

You can have the increased harassment from Police, and the heavier hand of the law. (Yes, you’re more likely to be pulled over if you’re brown, and you’re more likely to go to jail than your not-brown criminal peers, and if you do go to jail you’re more likely to get a longer jail sentence. Not as bad as in the States, say, but still measurable here.)

You can have rightful access to affirmative action opportunities. But your penance for daring to use these opportunities to get yourself out of the vicious cycle of social malaise is that your countrymen – who should know better – will unjustifiably deride you, hate you, and bring out the worst in themselves to attack you. They’ll conveniently ignore the fact that similar opportunities are available to them, and other groups.

Or you could pay a worse price, you could become one of them; a Baula Pennett type who uses such opportunities to advance and improve their lives, only to turn around and deny those same opportunities to those who could use them.

You can have all the historical injustices too. And there are too many to list. I like the one where your ancestors fought and died in two world wars, for their country, and upon return, their fellow servicemen were gifted farms by the government. Nobody in their battalion – who made it back – got shit. Wrong coloured skin, you see.

Yes, you can have all of these things and more! And I tell you what, if you lot had these things, they’d be fucking fixed overnight. And then we could “move on as one people”, the usual mantra of a pack of morons who don’t understand the irony of their constant battling against giving a hands up: the delays caused by this only put the goalposts further away.

I’m neither Pakeha or Maori. I’m not a born again Maori, I’m not Ngati Urban so the ‘plastic’ label also doesn’t apply and I’m clearly not a Hori Hardcore. I’m a New Zealander with heritage on both sides, and I think the lot of you should hang your heads in shame. Doesn’t matter which party you support or which side of the political spectrum you’re on. When you subscribe to ignorance, racism, xenophobia and garden variety “bashing those worse off than you”, you’re engaging in un-kiwi behaviour. You dishonour your country, and yourselves.

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