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Host your own shellcheck

For those of you who don’t know, is a fantastic resource for improving your shell scripts.  When I came across it, I felt that I was a pretty good scripter.  How wrong I was.  Using shellcheck has probably been the single most influential factor on my scripting since the programming papers I took during my student years.  My coding quality has markedly improved, and, coupled with a decent style guideline such as Google’s, said code has also improved in readability.

I’ve been promoting shellcheck at work to anyone who’ll listen, but I’ve had the eye-rolling-but-you’re-not-wrong retorts of “we shouldn’t be trusting random websites on the internet.”  You can freely inspect the source-code of shellcheck, if you know Haskell, and you can install it as a local application, tie it in with vim etc, however I felt that my colleagues would prefer a WebUI – as I do, too.  So I set about reverse engineering the shellcheck WebUI.

Scratching the surface, it looked like there was a mix of MIT/Apache/GPL licensed stuff there already.  In fact it looked like pretty much everything was ready to go, despite one missing php file that I could perhaps reverse engineer.  It would certainly be easier to just double check if a packaged WebUI was planned or if it was ok to just download and use the current one.

So I asked, and I received.  Vidar Holen, shellcheck’s author, has waived copyright on the WebUI files that he built.  And so, you can now run your own version of shellcheck on your own server and trust that any code you paste isn’t being captured and stored into an archive by evil digital squirrels in between you and Vidar’s shellchecky goodness.

You can find my (mostly complete, at the time of writing) install script here.  It’s intended for Debian 8.1, so YMMV.



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