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DesktopBSD 1.6 RC2 released

1495. ZZ Top – Legs.mp3 [4:35]

DesktopBSD 1.6RC2 is now available.

We want to wait with the official announcement until most mirrors have catched up (probably Monday or Tuesday), but you can already obtain it here:

Via BitTorrent (please seed):

From these already synchronized mirrors:

Primary changes since 1.6RC1:
Improved video detection
No more annoying package database messages when an installation/upgrade failed
Upgrading from 1.0 should work fine now (please test – and don’t forget to backup your data!)
cups problems are hopefully gone
KDE 3.5.6
K3B 1.0

Another CD with KDE language packages will follow within the next few days.

Unfortunately, importing Xorg 7.2 into the FreeBSD ports tree seems to take longer than expected, so it is not included in this release and there will be at least one other release candidate using it before the final 1.6 release comes out.

Translators: Some changes required adding or modifying phrases. Please update your SVN repository for updated .ts files. (I will write another notice to the doc@ mailing list about this)

If you have any questions, objections or suggestions, please let me know.


So if anyone’s using DBSD, feel free to grab the RC2 and give feedback here: And if you torrent it, like I am, please seed it for your fellow kiwis.

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4 replies

  1. I’m pretty sure my next install will be BSD.

    Oh and how did that phillips light thingy go? I really want one!

  2. To be honest I havent asked my mate in Munich to follow it up. I looked at importing them from France and they work out to a couple hundred bucks a piece…

    If all you need is a light, then even the most elaborate mains timer can’t be beaten for price:

    Though the Philips light thingy does have a built in alarm radio clock, and being European there’d be a lot of cool hidden features too. Many European appliances, for example, sync their time off an atomic clock radio signal that’s generated in Germany and covers a large chunk of Europe…

    The more you know 🙂

  3. I actually have one of those. I brought it to turn my computer off at night, still haven’t set it up.

    I guess I just need to look for a light that gradually gets brighter when turned on and looks good! Radio isn’t important though i pod dock could be nice!