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eServGlobal is looking for a Senior Systems Administrator to work in their Newlands based office. This role is technically demanding and a successful candidate will need to have good interpersonal skills as well.

It is essential that you possess knowledge of the following infrastructure software and tools:

– Debian
– Apache
– Bind
– OpenLDAP
– Postfix
– Samba
– MySQL/Oracle
– Perl and Shell scripting
– Firewall & VPN
– Network Security
– Linux and Windows desktop support

Nice to have technical knowledge areas:

Sun Solaris server administration
Cisco IOS
Netscreen appliances
Mac desktop support

The big challenge of this job is in the non technical skills. Candidates need to be able to:

– Handle solo, and global team IT projects – usually at the same time.
– Switch between a number of support and maintenance tasks and IT projects, quickly and without dropping any work
– Work as part of a close knit local team, and an widely dispersed global team. Pushing their ideas and improvements into both these communities to improve IT services.

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12 replies

  1. Yeah but usually what employers want is not in direct relation to how much they’re willing to reflect in your salary. My guess is you dont need to know half that stuff at all.
    Besides, you can learn all that stuff – but they can’t teach you people skills.

  2. Hey Raymond
    It’s not that much of a mixed bag, a bunch of words thrown out that can be summed up as “a pretty standard Linux stack” plus some Juniper/Cisco skills.

    If you’re good enough with those, then the rest is pretty much either implied or will fall into place with training. What we’re after is someone with people skills, particularly someone who is diplomatic

  3. diplomatic == no way in hell I should apply

    sounds like a place one could plot global domination from though. We have teh linuxx!!

    Forwarded to appropriate people 😉

  4. WOW my comment was right on the mark!

    “My guess is you dont need to know half that stuff at all.
    Besides, you can learn all that stuff – but they canâ??t teach you people skills.

    I love being right all the time!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Well….. lets see i understood the words windows desktop support…… maybe ill let this job slide….

  6. Assuming reasonable competency in the required skills, what would the renumeration package be like?

  7. Probably higher I guess, 60-65k range… maybe starting on 55k until you’re proven. I’m not privy to that kind of info unfortunately

  8. Interesting, Hays Salary Survey 2007 say a Unix Engineer in Wellington _adverage_ is 82k up to 100k

    I’d be guessing a senior should be hitting 82 at least.

    Food for thought.

  9. Yeah, again, I simply don’t know. I could ask the outgoing incumbent on the side…

  10. My bad – I missed the work ‘senior’ in that case, starting rate maybe 76k? at a guess