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Some of you are probably wondering where I’ve been hiding and why I’m not posting. I’m still alive and kicking, it’s just that lately at work I’ve been consumed by a project to tidy up our server room. Basically it was an embarassing mess when I started, it was hard to maintain and figure things out through all the cable spaghetti, and some of our delicate fibre was not in an ideal location – tangled in with the mess. It was so bad that I personally would not allow any other sysadmin in there, for fear that they’d destroy our rainforest.

So I have put in a lot of hours moving servers around, getting them racked together in their various subnets, while minimising disruption for the users and making sure that power, network and console availability remained, while gradually tidying up cabling and giving some structure and standardisation to the room. In the process I removed a considerable pile of crap, including a length of 4×2″. How freaking New Zealand is that?!

Unfortunately my digicam is being repaired, so my camera phone will have to suffice for now. And I estimate that there’s maybe another two days of work before everything is sorted, and once that’s done we can remove two more racks and begin some long overdue network upgrades!

ugh, bad!getting better

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  1. Yeah mate, it was cringe-worthy. Unfortunately 1 server cannot be moved until the end of the month, so the list of tasks that need to be done can’t proceed any further. It really sucks – I’ve done months and months of work in a matter of weeks, I’m less than a days work away from completion and it’s held up by one server that would take literally 5 minutes to power off, move, and power back up.

    The fact that it’s in the *unstable* part of the room and I want to move it to the *stable* part of the room holds no weight either, sigh.

    In the meantime though, I’m experimenting with Luma as a linux based LDAP admin tool, smokeping to watch our WAN connections, and zabbix as a nagios alternative. If you haven’t heard of them, give them a nudge! πŸ™‚

  2. Luma – Chokes, whether on our flaky ldap implementation or by itself I know not. #1 for me so far has been Apache Directory Studio.

    We’ve got Ops View running (a wrapper around nagios) zabbix look cool, I’ll see if Phil can pick it up.

    I’m too busy getting the 6 month old UPS connected to the LAN and having the hosts paying attention to it. Oh yea backups, they’re not really important are they? The health report on our Oracle DB has me touching cloth too.

    Finding out the edge switches had an enable password of pa55w0rd had me reaching for a blade.

    So 5 weeks in and loving it, at least I can make some change in this place, ya know?

    I haven’t even _realy_ been a bofh

  3. It’s not so bad… , I mean the universe was hacked up in Perl πŸ˜› (XKCD reference).

  4. @Chris: Weird that Luma chokes for you, it’s the fastest client I’ve found so far – previously I was using GQ which has an interface made by blind monkeys, however its advantage is it will show you all fields in the template for each object, instead of just the fields that are being used. phpldapadmin was ungodly slow, ldapvi makes me want to tear my eyeballs out and I still haven’t got around to using Directory Studio

    I too have to sort out our UPS, standardise our backup system and replace one of our Cyclades console servers with an IP based net management network. All very cool stuff that’s going to keep me busy and interested πŸ™‚

    And hey, pa55w0rd has numbers in it! If it’s good enough for a certain oil company we used to support, then it’s good enough for you πŸ˜‰

    @Mike: Look for the 99 bottles perl script. It’s genius.