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  1. He was an agro drunk, yelling out “get out here gook!”, even though his hand was next to the buzzer. While placing his order he was throwing in shit to throw off the asian fish and chip shop guy, like creamofsumyungai then looking at the rest of us for validation.

    Everyone else in there decided they wanted to have a cigarette break, so they went outside, leaving me alone with the guy.

    He started going off his rocker at me, I tried to explain that I had the drunken munchies and just wanted to get my food and go home. Then he dropped the bomb “I didn’t come all the way from Palmerston North for this shit!”

    Yeah, Palmy, totally impressed there mate… things just degenerated from there, he was basically out for a fight and I wasn’t interested. He attacked me unprovoked, I engaged my legal right to self defence and put him down.

    I hate having to resort to violence, especially while drunk

  2. I’m rather impressed by your restraint of NOT ‘Kicking the guy, when he’s down’ as for me when is it allowable to do so? Then again I don’t get into many fights as its better to be the peace maker or just bugger off and end the situation.