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Silencing the DL380

Concord Dawn – Bitch Killer

I have a HP G2 DL380 which I got to replace a handful of rack servers with one box, and compared to its predecessor, the G2 hardware is absolutely sublime. There was something not quite right about beige era Compaq equipment, and so the G1 came off as simply godawful. Anyway, the other day I got my G2 out of storage so that I could set it up for some testing and development work.

Unfortunately the DL380 sounds like an air raid siren, and doesn’t abide by standard ACPI/IPMI, so there was little chance of getting it to shut up in FreeBSD, unless I ran FreeBSD-5.x or maybe 6 plus taking my chances with compat5x.

Instead I’ve thrown on Debian Etch, grabbed the appropriate .deb from HP – you’re looking for hpasm, but their other packages might be of interest for array diagnostics etc. I dropped this into /root and issued the following:

apt-get update
apt-get install snmpd libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2
cd /root
dpkg -i hpasm-7.8.0-100.etch26.i386.deb
hpasm activate

It will fire up and take you through a scripted setup, simply answer as best you can and it will slow those fans down to a pleasant hum. Now you can go on using your DL380 without fearing attack from the Japanese 🙂

You may also need to add
/opt/compaq/hpasmd/bin/hpasmd activate
to /etc/rc.local or similar to get this to automatically fire up on boot. YMMV.

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