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An unexpected loss

Roy Orbison – Crying

Weasel loved shoulder surfing

My cat Wesley was put down. He looked so peaceful in the box the vets returned him in. My parents house is eerie now, with no Duke and no Weasel playing good pet/bad pet with your bloodpressure.

I never thought it would go down like this – I’d always imagined that the kitten I got 11 years ago because the pattern of his fur matched my basketball shoes would be put down, several years from now, while I held him in my arms and said goodbye. Instead he was alone at the vets in Levin, and I was stuck in Wellington 🙁

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4 replies

  1. from one cat lover (and owner) to another, I want to tell you how sorry I was to read your post about Wesley. It’s sad to know a loved pet passed away and you weren’t there. I’m sorry for your loss.

  2. I had an awesome cat in Wellington that was 3 years old when I had to give it away before moving back to Canberra. But now I have two cats, both 11 months old (brother and sister) that share with me and Ken. 🙂

  3. Heh.. well as the late George Carlin said: “Life is a series of dogs”… except in our case it’s “Life is a series of cats”

    I’ll always miss Weasel, but my parents have a 6 month old kitten to look after, and I’ve got Nermel demanding my attention… so once again George Carlin was right 🙂