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DIY Envelope Wax Seal

Powderfinger – Private Man

This shit is hard! Basically I sliced a potato in half, then drew my work’s logo on it backwards, cut out the appropriate parts while melting a candle in a small pot.

You don’t need that much wax.. maybe a tablespoon’s worth. And let it cool down in the pot first, if you pour it too soon while it’s seperated, lots of oil will seep through the envelope and make a mess. Apart from that, the only other recommendation I can make is to practice your technique with one envelope – if it fails, simply scrape the wax back into the pot and re-melt it. Once you think you’ve got the technique down pat, do it on a fresh envelope 🙂

Why am I doing this? As a proof of concept for sprucing up the default login screen for the Zimbra project at work, and to let out my inner artist 🙂

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5 replies

  1. The extent of your lateral does not cease to amaze me. You truely are a pinnicle of kiwi-ingenuity.
    Also, you could just melt a crayon over a flame to get your melted wax. Thats how they used to do it in the olden dark days, you know, like before the interweb was born.