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Build your own Search Engine

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Problem: You need to provide enterprise search for your users, but you have a budget of $0. The $tightwads at work won’t cough up for the best practice solution: Google appliances. You need something that will scale and perform, yet it won’t have all the advanced features or integration capabilities of a GSA.

OpenWebSpider does the standard crawling and writes its results to a mysql database. Sphinxsearch connects to any other db’s and indexes those, as well as indexes the OWS results. Sphinxsearch then provides a singular position to search from, maybe using the ambitious SE Search Interface.

Certainly it won’t be as powerful as a Google solution, but it should do a sufficient job given the budget. I’ve called it Kerra to satisfy my penchant for cryptic names. The clue is ‘debian’, good luck figuring it out 🙂 Anyone interested in packaging this all up with a base OS and releasing it as an Open Source Search Appliance?

I will likely be building a proof of concept of this over the next couple of weeks, will post results if I get anything substantial.

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