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International Travel: Don’t offend people

Some music box I got on the Champs D’Elysee

As it turns out, the thumbs up handsign that we all know and love is actually offensive to some people so, uhhh, wearing a tee shirt based around a character or mascot that is doing a thumbs up might not be the smartest idea when travelling internationally.

This might explain then why a very angry looking guy at Dubai was glaring at me as if he wanted to tear my head off and shit down my neck, and it would also explain the very angry old lady yelling at me in Montparnasse. Of course I’d just finished over 30 hours of flying and was struggling to find my hotel, so she was ignored, which only made her angrier.

Today we went to the Cemetiere at Du Pere-Lachaise. Cemetary tourism would typically be considered freakish, but as it turned out, there were a few good reasons for this one. Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde (and the various defacing) amongst others.

Yesterday we went to Pigalle in search of musical instruments, and wound up wandering around to the Moulin Rouge (and associated area) and then up to Sacre Cour, which is an amazing place.

Also today we went to La Defence, which features La Dome and the Grand Arche, however it’s 2.30am so I’ll post pictures of those tomorr… today sometime.

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8 replies

  1. Is this trip business or pleasure? cause there doesn't look like a lot of business … unless theres something your not showing us from your visit to the Moulin Rouge district…
    btw. so jealous.
    Mon français n'est pas tres bon, J'ai besoin d'un voyage à Paris!!

  2. haha nice to know you’ve ended up enjoying yourself… but I knew you would.

    what day do you get back, would you like me to pick you up?

  3. Good to see you checking out the sights in Dubai and Paris. Got your phone message. Back soon?

  4. Kim – Business, but we have a few days spare over the weekend, plus the work ethic here is very laid back 🙂

    Joles – yeah, it’s like the Eiffel Tower: once you’ve seen it once it’s “meh” It’s also expensive, like 200 Euro (400 NZ)

    Tamati – yup, should be there about 3.30pm on Friday, domestic Air NZ from AKL

    Mum – yup, back on Friday.

  5. Huh? Sorry CJ, I’ve only just seen this – been really busy these last few weeks.

    Cross my heart I didn’t delete your previous comment, maybe it was digital squirrels stealing packets and storing them for winter? Or more likely something’s up with the disqus commenting system?