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Book Review: Zimbra: Implement, Administer, Manage

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I ordered this long before going to Paris so that I’d have something to read on the plane. It didn’t arrive until a week after I got back. How useful. However that’s not the books fault that it took several weeks to arrive, it was a freak disappointing performance from Amazon.

It takes a couple of days to read through if you’re an experienced sysadmin, which is probably not its target demographic. If, like me, you’ve already installed and tinkered and figured out most of Zimbra already, this book will be very light reading useful for ensuring all the basics are covered.

It takes a higher level, broad strokes approach, and reads more like a high school book than a technical book. This is a good thing, as I said before – it makes it light reading, and being seperated up into digestable task-oriented and summarised chapters makes it chunk-by-chunk digestable.

As an administrative reference to have on the shelf for when your server room has melted down though, it’s not so strong a contender. Due to Zimbra upgrading so often this is also well out of date, so another revision is due IMHO.

Overall I felt positively about the book – it serves a purpose, just be sure you recognise that beforehand, otherwise you might be disappointed. I have my Zimbra-fresh colleagues skimming this now so they can have the basic high level topics covered before we move into project mode 🙂

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