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Ukulele acquisition syndrome

tHeDirTyJoHnSon – I just can’t help myself

Uh oh, I think I might have Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome (UAS).

I remembered that back when I was hanging out at the music department at school, messing around with drums, guitar, but more seriously the saxomophone, that there were practice guitars with sticky dots underneath the strings with the notes on them. So I figured I’d do the same with my uke, in order that I could learn the notes, and in turn scales and progressions etc

But my uke cost me damn near 2 hundy. I don’t want no sticky residue on my fretboard, I don’t want to devalue it and have it looking like some school instrument.

So I purchased my second uke, a red dolphin bridge makala soprano, then I stole the label maker machine from work and spent an hour and a half labelling the fretboard. I have guitar playing friends who bitch about the tuning of a uke, so now I’m considering a baritone to shut them up enough to just play. Yeah Ra, just keep justifying things to yourself… *self jedi mind trick handwaves*

Pictures of the soprano are forthcoming…

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