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Wall hanging ukuleles the landlady friendly way

Where Do The Children Play? by Cat Stevens from The Best of Cat Stevens

So Ukulele players tend to get a disorder known as Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome (UAS). It’s quite self explanatory – you keep buying ukuleles. This in turn means that there’s plenty of space taken up by the various ukes that you own. Hanging them on the wall is a great way to get them out of the way, to showpiece them, and to make them easily grab-able. Typically this is done with a suitable guitar hanger, or a cost effective DIY hanger rack.

However, both options require screwing into the wall, which is something that doesn’t tend to fly well with landlords/landladies.

My solution is cheap and simple: 3m command strips

Two Christmases ago, I was given a Kalimba… or at least a version made in Bali that approximates one:

I hung this the same way that I now hang cheap ‘beater’ ukuleles: nail a sawtooth hook on the back and use a sawtooth command strip.

For more expensive ukes, though, you don’t want to be nailing anything into them, so I go a bit harder core and use two 3m Wire Hooks, and I hang the uke by its tuner pegs. These things are rated to take 2kg each, so they’re also a good choice if you’re hanging a slightly heavier uke such as an electric acoustic.

Would I do this with a really expensive uke? Hell no. The command strips are pretty damn reliable, but they’re not infallible. The packaging on them even says “DO NOT use for antiques, heirlooms or other valuable or irreplaceable items”. However, in saying that, I’ve never had a problem with the strips, so I trust them to a point.

No, when I get a really expensive uke, I’ll probably build a multi uke stand, probably along the lines of this. Until then, here’s the view from my desk:

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