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Faith No More – Everything’s Ruined

So today I took delivery of my first custom ordered ukulele, a concert scale backpacker from Captain Ukuleles. It features a tote bag, Italian made Aquila nylgut strings, custom tuners, an under-saddle pickup, and a “uke stick” design reminiscent of the Risa solid-uke. In other words: there’s no headstock, and the tuners are at the tail… it’s back to front from what you’d expect.

Bevan, the man behind Captain Ukuleles had this to say about the wood:

“The Kahikatea is a special piece of wood. It came from a log pulled out of the Kaniwhaniwha stream (in Te Pahu) many years ago. It had been buried under the streambed for a long time. Possibly since settler times, as it had the remains of iron dogs for bullocks in the ends. So it’s a little like ‘Swamp’ Kahikatea. Very green. I was very lucky to get some of this wood through a friend who knew the son of the guy who found the log.
The rest of the timbers came from the south side of Pirongia. Trees that have fallen down over the years on a farm owned by an old guy I met recently.”

I really can’t take my eyes off the back of it, the grain of the Rewarewa is stunning. The grain of the Kahikatea is, for want of a better comparison, a lot like bamboo from a fibrous point of view. Ok, I’ll shut up… just check out these pics 😀

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  1. It’s a bit weird to play because it doesn’t have a headstock. Usually you’d unknowingly use the headstock as a point of reference when playing while not looking. It’s like the Manx of ukuleles, or the training wheels are off or something 😀