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Mass-diffing files

As part of my day to day tasks, I’m auditing configuration files and tidying them up. Slowly, we’re moving towards standardised files and configuration management. The first requirement of this is gathering the existing config files into one place. You could do this with any of a number of tools, […]

Locating openssl on Solaris

Annoyingly, openssl can reside in a number of places on Solaris. I have a script that tries to call it, and initially I started with a very dirty if – elif cluster. I have long since committed it to the /dev/null in the sky, but think along the lines of: […]

Published – 2012 version

Lovage – Lifeboat Long term readers may recall that back in April 2008, I wrote a letter to the local newspaper and despite my best efforts to put in cheekiness, it was published. I’m not really big on writing letters to the papers, but every so often there’ll be something […]

Is your Linkedin password leaked?

Pink Floyd – Keep Talking News has been spinning around the net that over 6 Million passwords from Linkedin have been leaked. The general advice is to change your password, but what if you want to check that your password is on the list? You should still change your password […]

Neatpatch – a small review

Kutiman-Thru-you – 01 – Mother of All Funk Chords At work we have a 48RU open rack for our patch rack. To those of you who had that fly over your head, it’s where we make phones and network connections happen. Neatpatch promises to sort that out. After some pretty […]

Dear Apple

Dear Apple Computer, congratulations on the hard work you have put in to producing your greenest mac ever, I bet it was really hard work. However, I must let you know about a few oversights on your part. 1) Outside of North America, in the rest of the civilised world, […]

Ukulele acquisition syndrome

tHeDirTyJoHnSon – I just can’t help myself Uh oh, I think I might have Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome (UAS). I remembered that back when I was hanging out at the music department at school, messing around with drums, guitar, but more seriously the saxomophone, that there were practice guitars with sticky […]

Introducing my Ukulele

Today I went for a wander into the city to have a look around. My intention was to go to JB Hifi and pick up an Eee PC for my upcoming trip to NZNOG, but they were all sold out. So I figured I’d go window shopping down Cuba St. […]