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Backpacker ukulele

Faith No More – Everything’s Ruined So today I took delivery of my first custom ordered ukulele, a concert scale backpacker from Captain Ukuleles. It features a tote bag, Italian made Aquila nylgut strings, custom tuners, an under-saddle pickup, and a “uke stick” design reminiscent of the Risa solid-uke. In […]

Section 92a: The Empire Strikes Back

Stereophonics – Have a Nice Day Posted less than an hour ago, keep updated here. While better than the last version, going by the summary it walks and quacks like a three strikes law. It’s been said elsewhere – why are we basing (pun?) laws on baseball? Either way, I […]

Family reunion in Whangarei

facemeltingukulele – Little Wing acoustic Just got back from an exhausting family reunion in Whangarei. We stayed out at Ruakaka beach. Choice hangi, it was good to catch up with the relatives who did show up (ALL of my first cousins who didn’t: for shame!), and I found out that […]