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New Flat – New Wireless!

ahoyhoy one and all.. Been in the new flat for a week now but work has prevented me from setting up the interweb connection. I have today off though before another 5 days of work and I planned to get at least the antenna up there come rain or shine… […]

Tired already

Sitting at work listening to Kevin Bloody Wilson and dozing off already.. and I slept a good 7 solid hours during the day! I’ve pumped myself full of caffeine, just waiting for the kick… *yawn* graveyards suck, but I guess I cant complain – being paid to sit here and […]

Graveyards suck

Well she’s been a fair while since my last post and well what to say… I’m overworked and overpaid (and subsequently overtaxed, now I’m more socialist than the next guy but 700 bucks tax in a week is just silly) With all the money that I’ve been getting, coupled with […]

Soundcard fixing

Article Quick-Links: Preamble Introduction Why? Problem Symptoms Article Goal Assumptions Recommended combination of Tweaks Disclaimer Tweaks Some Basic Settings that shouldn’t be overlooked Mute Your Unused Inputs Some BIOS Settings Some Registry Settings Adjusing the IOPageLockLimit Disabling Executive Paging What to do if you get stuttering while scrolling DirectX Issues […]

Stating the obvious: WMP9 Sucks!

yes, it’s true folks. Windows Media Player 9 sucks. So did 8, and so did 7 for that matter. Give 6.4 some playlisting and you’ve got yourself a quality player in the making. Better yet just disregard the lot and use Media Player Classic, which is currently what I use […]

…And then there was two

Well I just received notice today that Peter will be leaving us in approximately three weeks time. This leaves myself and Steve as the final remaining geekflat members. Remarkable, we’ve been together since day one, through thick and thin, and my anal retentiveness still hasnt rubbed off on him. He’s […]

More Sillyness Ensues

I just read that the average New Zealand house comes in at an average temperature of 14c, 2 degrees below the international recommendation of 16c. For kicks and giggles they even went and found out what the coldest house in the country was, and surprise surprise.. bloody students. Scarfies no […]

Early morning rant

ATTENTION HOUSE LETTERS/LANDLORDS/LANDLADYS/ETC: REPLY WHEN YOU ARE CONTACTED! Look, if you arent going to reply to voice messages about homes that you have advertised for rent, then 1) Dont bother advertising the place to begin with 2) Why have an answer machine if you dont use it properly? I mean […]


In my short time in wireless I’ve learnt a whole bagload, and when it comes to rolling out a community wireless network there’s a whole bagload more. It’s all very well having all the technical know how in the world, but without people skills you’re just not going to get […]

Good things come in threes

But what about bad things? Now we’re on the hunt for another flat. Our landlady gave us the call earlier to say that the flat is going on the market. Oh well. In other news the Hutt Valley Wireless Network project that I’m participating has picked up the pace.. I’ve […]