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Code Properly Damnit

Some hints for budding webdevs: CODE PROPERLY DAMNIT. Look, we all know web languages are often looked down upon by programmers (some of the higher level ones such as php or asp are often ‘acceptable’) but that is absolutely NO reason for good coding practices to not apply to web […]

New Node

Well everyone, I just purchased a wireless node from ihug. They were only getting about 3 connections a week on it, so instead it is making its way from Auckland down here to the Hutt Valley, where it will be put into use servicing a considerable chunk of the valley. […]


I’ve been pushing this broadband wifi internet connection a bit.. check out this site: The other one is the breathtaking made by all I can say is PHWOAR! dial uppers need not apply 😉

Building PC’s 101

I’m often asked “Ra – what xyz should I get?” or “how do I build a PC?” There’s a lot of knowledge out there about it, so why should I bother reinventing the wheel? Well, there’s many different types of wheels and sadly there’s a lot of usage of the […]