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WiMAX investigation

When I last climbed on my roof, with the help of Jim, to see if I could get the WiMAX signal up and running, I was disappointed to see that in the way was the Weltec campus, with a big tree blocking my view of the Lower Hutt CBD, so […]

Partition Wall art

My attitude towards tools is that I buy them as I need them, gradually building up my toolset. For example, with the iMac project I purchased a Ryobi rotary tool kit and a nibbler. For this project, I purchased a new jigsaw as my last one gave up the ghost. […]

NZAA switches to Microsoft Office

Shapeshifter – One I just read this article, and I’m a little frustrated by it. Here we go, step by painful step: Until now, the majority of AA staff have used Open Office, with a small number also using the Microsoft product. Problem: if you don’t declare and enforce a […]