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Would you buy Zimbra from this man?

Audioslave – Your Time Has Come Here’s what I wore for my presentation. Red is an action colour… see, when making a pitch it’s all about the subliminal mindgames. (To any colleagues who were at that conference – *jedi handwave* this isn’t the blogpost you’re looking for. Move along.) The […]

DIY Envelope Wax Seal

Powderfinger – Private Man This shit is hard! Basically I sliced a potato in half, then drew my work’s logo on it backwards, cut out the appropriate parts while melting a candle in a small pot. You don’t need that much wax.. maybe a tablespoon’s worth. And let it cool […]

The latest project: Zimbra

Lemon Jelly – Ramblin’ Man I have been quite busy lately working with the Zimbra platform – trying to figure out a path to upgrade our existing infrastructure at work (OpenLDAP, Postfix, Mailman, SquirrelMail, SpamAssassin, Amavis, Mailzu etc) and the more I look at it, learn about it and work […]

Sun Micro(soft)systems == fail

Moby – Alice I was tasked with testing the Sun Calendar Server at work over the last week. I have found it to be very promising on paper, but very lacking in realistic implimentation. Here are my issues with it: 1) It is an absolute prick to download. I have […]